Body of a Dancer Day 3


Notes from thursday – Day 3
Here is what I am up to:


Exercise:  30 minutes running the stairs


Lunch with my fabulous niece Gillian at her school! Lucky me!
Penne pasta (1/2 cup) with meat sauce
Salad with tomatoes, black olives, carrots (dressing on side)
1 cup decaf coffee with ½ and ½


3 rye crisps
2 cups caffeinated coffee with coffee mate ( not good – out of commitment and felt anxious after)


6 piece spicy tuna roll
2 piece salmon sushi
ginger salad
1 kirin beer
1 ounce buffalo mozzarella


Note:  Did not eat enough today. Next time skip the caffeine
Feeling thin.  My face looks great and I feel really pretty. It is funny how 3 days into an intention it can feel as though everything has changed.  hmmm.  I am very well motivated and this blog is really helping.


Thanks for the accountability everyone!





  1. Rock on Girl. 🙂 On the path to hottness!! Here we come! xx

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