Birthday Blog!

June 30 is my birthday.  Birthdays are interesting things – each of us has our own meaning we give it, our own expectations.  For instance, for some hitting a monumental number is significant: The day a 12 year old becomes a  full blown teenager or the 16 year mark when you get your drivers license or the celebration at 21 and then for some, the suffering with what it means to no longer be in your 20’s or hitting milestones of middle age.  Each year has it’s own significance for the individual.  Some people want to celebrate and others want the day to pass unnoticed.  Well, here are my thoughts on it all having just freshly come through my big day!


First of all, I love getting older! All I know is that as time passes I learn more about life, I get clearer about who I am, I like myself more and life gets easier. Not easier in the sense of less to do or less to accomplish or achieve, but easier, in that my feelings are not hurt as easily, I do not spend as much time bending to the will of others or seeking approval.  Life hurts less now.


For someone that talks about living loud and having a powerful passionate life you may be surprised to see me talking about life hurting.  I think the world is an amazing place and I am constantly astounded by our humanity – what it is to be a human being and how it all works. With that being said, I set out to understand life and sought joy and passion because I did not want to hurt and be sad and be scared the way I have in the past.  Don’t get me wrong, I have had a great life – there was nothing particularly difficult or “wrong” with my life, it is just a life like any other and with that comes joy and sorrows, passion and moments of apathy.  My quest has been to have more joy and more passion and more play and to have a great life and as I grow up I get clearer and more adept at creating these things in my life.  So needless to say, 34 feels great! I love getting older. Bring it on! 


To celebrate my special day I went for a walk. That’s right, I walked my neighborhood and I wanted to share the delights that were waiting for me. I set out down the street and found a green space no more that 30 seconds away from my front door and yet I have never seen it. This is how life often goes – always rushing somewhere – always in a conversation  – not even seeing what is right in front of us. This space is surrounded by trees, has grass and even has a picnic table. I instantly fantasized about me laying in a hammock under the trees or setting up with my laptop on the grass. Ahhhh.  Then I walked down the hill into little Italy. I have been meaning to do this for months and as I expected it had many treasures waiting for me. I found the most fabulous quaint bohemian teahouse call Algebra.  Complete with a low table with cushions around it – how nummy! I browsed the myriad of eclectic shops and art galleries while being sung to on my cell phone by birthday well-wishers ( I love that!)  Around 3:00 I stopped for lunch at an outdoor café for antipasto and a glass of Riesling.  


As I enjoyed the summer day and my glass of wine I reached into my purse and what did I find, but my birthday card from my mom – a special treat I had taken with me to open on my adventure.   My mom is my best friend and trusted advisor and a card from her always brightens my day.  Her thoughtful message and of course the birthday money 🙂 made for a delightful interlude.  As I reached into my purse I found another surprise waiting for me. I had packed a book for my trip and so I sat in the sun with my wine, shoes off , feet up, reading a book on a sunny Friday afternoon. I really cannot imagine a better way to spend the day. 


Thank you for letting me share my birthday with you.   I invite you to take a day for yourself or if not a day, even just a few hours to marvel in what is around you, explore your surrounding and indulge yourself. Everyday is worthy of celebration, not just birthdays so why don’t seize the day and tell us how you will celebrate your life today!


Sending love,



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