Back From My Cloudy Afternoon Of The Soul


It's great to be back! Hi! 🙂 

I know it has been forever (and by forever I mean over a year and a half) since I have sent out a newsletter.

The intricate details of why I have been off line are lengthy and will be shared in the months to come. However, the short version of the story is I have been walking quietly through my “Cloudy Afternoon of the Soul”. 

You may know it more commonly as “the Dark Night of The Soul” which Tanis Helliwell so beautifully described as a time when we are “no one, doing nothing, going nowhere.”

Sounds daunting, I know, but for many of you who have already been through the tunnel and for those who may be in it now, you know it is often a necessary transition time for something new to be born.

In essence, several months ago my life demanded that I stop and take notice.

It said “let go of who you think you are so that you can become who you came here to be.”

Fortunately I listened, I went willingly and I had the tools from some 15+ years of conscious living and a rocking support system and this is why it was just a “cloudy afternoon” as opposed to a long dark night.

Over these months I have been on an inner journey to explore meaning and purpose and the nature of life and I can say that it has been an exhilarating and awe-inspiring adventure.

I was careful not to share publically during that time because I did not know what wild rabbit hole I was in or what I would find on the other side and I did not want to emerge too soon with some half-baked idea and profess it as truth.  The big picture was still unfolding.

While it still continues to unfold today there are a few things I know for sure.

And… I am ready to share them with you.

Like a beautifully-orchestrated perfectly-timed Cotillion, my good friends at the Enth*eos Academy for Optimum Living decided to throw me a coming out party – inviting me to share my… 

Top 10 Big Ideas on How To Consciously Create Your Life!

And when I say BIG IDEAS let’s put it this way: My # 1 Big Idea is…


There Is Order In The Universe


…which is pretty much the biggest idea I could think of so I am not messing around. 😉

If you would like a lift, some hope, an insight into what the past 18 months have been about for me and how this insight can support you in your journey, you can check out my Top 10 Big Ideas Here.

I am grateful to be back in communication with you and I look forward to our future adventures together.

Talk with you soon!!

With love, 


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P.S. A reminder, for those of you in my business community, the website is going to be heading more and more in the direction of this type of big thinking.  My Business site covers much more respectable topics like leadership, conscious capitalism, strengths and engagement so be sure to send your business referrals in that direction. Happy to be sharing the journey with you!


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