Are You Making Your life?!

Hello everyone! One of the things I am totally jazzed about these days is the new Coach Joelle  Make Your Life: The Power of Creation Program!


We have an incredible group of people in the program and already in week one the energy, the creative power and the lives that are being made as a result are BLOWING MY MIND!  I decided to share a little email I sent the group so that you could get a feel for what we are up to and perhaps spur you into thinking about how you can make your life!


Part of the first lesson of the Make Your Life Program ( Welcome to the Wonder of living Life on Purpose!) is the importance of planning.  But we are not talking your average plan! Oh no, in the Make Your Life Program we are planning with Gusto! Here is a little I shared with the group on my own planning process:


THE PLAN: I am so excited because this is my scheduled time to plan! Friday afternoon 1:00 for 4+ hours I will be making the plan for the next 2 -6- 12- possibly 24 months of my life!  Whew! I am grateful for the opportunity and I am doing some last things before I pull myself away from my computer and my desk to go find an inspired place to create.  Yes, it is tempting to let one thing lead into another and so on and so on until it is 5:00 but I will not let that happen because I know from experience, my life depends on this planning process.


How about you? Do you have a plan for your life? If you have not taken the time to create a plan, why is that?  Make it fun, make it in full color, make it your saturday activity with a latte!  Planning is the start of creating a life that delights and inspires you.


One excercize we take on the program is creating a list of what is limiting the life you want to create.  Here is a tidbit from my own list! 


LIFE LIMITER LIST: The very first thing on my life limiter list is that my digital camera has needed a new battery for not 1 not 2 not 5 but 8 months! It just sits there and taunts me  (it is a ridiculous long story, the details of which I will spare us all) and there is sooo much I want to do with it.  So, this morning, I looked online and found a camera store and I map-quested the directions and I called them and they have the battery and by 12:55 today, I will have a working camera!!


What are the things on your list that are just stomping on your joy? What bold action could you take before Monday to begin to clear out those things that are limiting, annoying and frustrating you in your life?


One of the most powerful things we do in the Make Your Life Program is each person gets to declare the life the want to create.  If you could fill in the blank… My________ Life.  What  would you fill it with? I chose my Delightful life! Here is a little bit about how since Monday, the delight is already showing up!


MY DELIGHTFUL LIFE:  Words cannot describe fully what has happened for me in the past 3 days, since I declared my Delightful life.  Let’s just put it this way, I have had more delightful conversations in the past 2 days than I have had in the last month, I had 3 new people show up in my life who were excitedly referred to me by clients, I had the opportunity to be recorded in a round table discussion last night which will be broadcast to a national audience (it was really cool!) and this morning I started the day with a photo shoot for my involvement in a grassroots movement to energize the Cleveland Community.  As I was getting ready to send out this email, my coach called me to tell me was featuring me in his newsletter which goes out to 70,000 people (nice)  and if that wasn’t enough, over the past couple days I have had several instances of spontaneous joy! For those who are not familiar with the concept of “spontaneous Joy”, it looks something like this… while I am walking across the parking lot towards my car, I suddenly, out of nowhere, burst into a rousing chorus of “The Yellow Submarine”!  Now that my friends, is how you know life is truly delightful!


I invite you to declare your _____ life and identify how you could start bringing the ________ (joy, passion, peace, fun) into your hours today!  Have a brilliant weekend.  Here’s to many moments of spontaneous joy!




Coach Joelle


P.S. Want to know more about the Make Your Life Program? Click Here to learn more.

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