And the convertible goes to…

I’m going to win a 2007 Volkswagen Eos (it’s a convertible).


I am going to win it because about a month ago  my environmentally committed husband and I test drove a Prius and while prior to driving the car I had 0 intention of getting a new car, there is something about sitting in a brand spankin new car that gets a person thinking…hmmmm this could be nice! So as I was sitting in the car, I decided that what I really wanted, if I was getting a new car, was a convertible.  A nice round, cute convertible sounds like just the car for coach Joelle! 


Later that day I was searching for images to play with for my “life creation powerpoint” (ask me later) when right there on the front page of Jupiter images is this lovely round little convertible! Hmmmm.  And, the way to win the convertible is to browse their database, find images you like, and write a little narrative about how “life is tough”. 


Basically, they are asking me to look for cool pictures, create stories, express myself and they might just give me a car… there is no downside!  And to top it off, the first drawing (I think there are 3) is on my birthday!! June 30th ! I think winning a car on my birthday would be just about perfect!


I get to enter every week and I am having a total blast doing it! They have not picked my particular works of art yet but I thought I would share with you my most recent entries. Enjoy! Coach Joelle’s "Life is Tough" entries.  

  Image courtesy of Jupiter Images  


 "This is a picture of my wife at 5 years old.  They called this her "sweet" phase. Case and point. …..COMING HUNNY!"



Image courtesy of Jupiter Images

"I was there for 13 hours.  Thank god mom found me before the tide came in. The really sad thing is that it was one of the best days of my life."



Image courtesy of Jupiter Images

"Mom said I would be cool. The coolest kid at the whole dance.  Maybe if I actually had use of my arms things would not have gone so horribly wrong.  I can still remember little Suzy Petzer laughing as the whole class called me "clock butt" just before the Randolf brothers rolled me down the hill into the lake.  Needless to say, mom was very very wrong." 


 Hmmm. At this point you might be thinking… "Coach Joelle must have had a really hard childhood." or "coach Joelle is a dude?" 🙂 These were just the images that jumped out at me. 


Oh, yay.  Here is the first one I submitted.

Image courtesy of Jupiter Images

"Oh hi sweetie!  So, this is the ex-girlfriend I have heard so much about! What’s that? …  She’s a supermodel… AND an heiress! Well isn’t that wonderful! I am just so delighted you could join us, Tiffany. No no, don’t move, I’ll just pull up a chair."


I liked that one a lot. 


So those are the latest.  I will keep you posted on my new entries as they are inspired to be created.  If you have other suggested captions for the pictures, knock yourself out! I would love to here them.  Leave a comment below.  


HUGS on a Saturday all! 



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