An E-Harmony Success Story

Many of you know that my fabulous husband and I are an E-Harmony couple.  We often joke about being on a commercial some day (ok, we don’t really joke because we know it is inevitable 🙂 ) In the meantime, I just got the word. Here is the next best thing.  Read our story on E-harmony’s new section about long distance love.




To love!




  1. Joelle and Jeff:

    Thank you for sharing.

    I’m not sure that anything speaks louder about the power of intentions and “creating possibilities” than your opportunity to connect with and “stand for” each other in maintaining that long-distance relationship.

    I am touched by your adventure together. I hope you had a wonderful time on your “anniversary” cruise.


  2. Thank you Steve. What a beautiful sentiment. We are so grateful to have found eachother and to be sharing this fabulous life. HUGS to you.


  3. OOOOH My….. Delicious story! 🙂
    It gave me goosebumps and inspiration. The world is my playground to find love or to be found as you stated!!
    Your amazing and I can only imagine what a power couple you are!!!

    Cheers to good lovin’

  4. Sharmaine says:

    What a beautiful love story so eloquently told by your husband. I’m 51 and single and while reading your story the thought crossed my mind that I may only be a “match” away from my soul mate.

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