Afternoon Delight at the Grocery Store

Friday was a perfect day.


AM massage, picked up some special kidney nurturing food for our little sick old cat Smokey, my car got a long overdue cleaning and I had a luxurious stroll through the new Whole Foods Market that opened up down the street. Ahhh.  I walked into the place and I almost started crying. 


If you have never been to a Whole Foods it is one of those beautiful natural, organically focused grocery stores with a section for natural remedies, aromatherapy and absolutely beautiful prepared foods.  The vegetables and fruits are stacked in neat piles and their brilliance just makes you want to eat healthy.  You will not find coco puffs or count chocula here and you couldn’t pay them to sell you Sweet and Low or Equal.  It is a true inspiration!


When I first moved to Arizona 9 years ago I was introduced to Whole Foods and it was a special treat and a delight for me to visit. 


This new addition to my Cleveland home brings a feeling of peace and abundance to my surroundings. I have a vision for my future that there will be a farmer’s market around the corner from my home, for now, this is a happy interim step.


If you have not done it recently, I invite you to go to the grocery store for an adventure. Don’t go on the way somewhere else or rushing through with a list. Instead, find a beautiful fresh market store like Whole Foods or Sunflower or even a trader joe’s  and just take the time to explore.  See what interesting things they have, find combinations to spread on your toast, find a new favorite tea, pick up a new fruit or vegetable to try.  Be aware of the beauty and abundance we have at our finger tips.  What a gift. Happy Shopping!





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