Adrienne’s Story: Thank You For Setting Me Free

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When I first reached out to Joelle, I was clearly suffering from inertia looking at the fork in the road of life ahead of me.  I desperately missed spending time with my kids.  My son was suffering from bullying at school, and my daughter was almost a stranger.  I couldn’t remember the last time my husband and I shared a good laugh.  Most of all, I was miserable at my job.  I was working crazy hours, traveling too much, and rewarded with the constant berating of a boss that managed by what I call the “You suck” philosophy.  At the same time, I knew my clients loved me and I loved the actual work of consulting.  However, I was the breadwinner in a family of four.  I made a decent income.  I had a lot of fear of making a bad choice and then not being able to provide for my husband and children.


So I had a choice, go back and work for a big company or try to consult on my own.  Within minutes of talking to Joelle, I knew she was the right person to help me sort out my challenges.  She knew my biggest fear was not being able to provide for my family.  She also helped me realize the most important goals for me were to reprioritize the time I spent with my family and at the same time take care of myself.  A novel idea!


Within 12 weeks of engaging Joelle, I quit my job and took the leap of faith.  My husband refocused his time to help me on the business.  2 months later, we had an entire year of income contracted.  By the next November, I was starting to believe this whole “I can design my own life thing”. 


My son had been placed into the gifted program at school, and between that and the graces of a growth spurt, the bullies all but disappeared. 


My daughter and I had totally reconnected, and quality girl time had become a regular thing.  Redefining our relationship as both business partners and partners in life, my husband and I suddenly were sharing a whole new level of excitement. 


When he asked what I wanted for my birthday that year, I replied a dinner out for the two of us where we could capture OUR 2014-04-29 08.25.18bucket list.  It was important to me that it was one document for both of our lives.  That night, he would list some crazy physical feat and I would respond with a wild vacation.  The list grew long. My two priorities were a visit to Australia and a trip for all four of us to the Caribbean.  Less than two months later I received a call from a client asking me to head for Melbourne on a mini-project.  My initial reaction was a bit of apprehension – I was going to have to be away for the kids for 2 weeks!  Then I thought about it.  Hey wait!  I asked exactly for this……


As I was making plans for my trip to Melbourne, an email from my husband eased the pain.  He just won a trip for the family to St. Croix, the week before the trip to Melbourne.  Bucket list items 1 and 2 done.  Easy as that!


36 months after meeting Joelle, I can truly say my life is absolutely amazing.  Bucket list items continue to be crossed off, business just seems to come our way effortlessly, my kids are happy and healthy and successful, and my husband and I truly enjoy each other’s company literally around the clock.  The fun things we find ourselves involved in never cease to amaze me –  magazine shoots, tv commercials, meeting celebrities.  Our next big plan is to find a dream home on a beach.  We haven’t figured out more than there is a sliding glass door that when you step through, your feet touch warm sand.  I am certain it won’t be long before the details unfold for us.




Adrienne Gordon, President, Pricing Empowered LLC



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