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Coach Joelle Prochera Home PageHello, and welcome to the beginning of your new life adventure!

I am thinking I might know a couple of things about you. Let me give this a try…

You have tasted success and you are a powerful person (and I mean powerful in the very best sense of the word.)  You are basically happy, healthy and you have a good handle on life…

AND you know you want more.

(How am I doing?)

What do you want more of?

Love, passion, courage, peace, abundance, adventure?

Whatever it is you are in the right place.

I know what it feels like to go after life full throttle, to burn with the passion of desire for your very best life. And if I know anything about you I also have an inkling that you are also being called to live a bigger life right now.

You are longing to get more in touch with what is important to you, to use more of your life-force doing what you love.

You are beginning to tune into the magic all around you; the way life seems to light up when you are taking authentic action, getting clearer and clearer that there are no coincindences, there really is something to the power of positive thinking and there has to be something more to life than what we can see. 

And if I am right, and if you are there. OH MY GOSH are you in for an amazing ride!

I am here to help you to harness you full power, become your biggest self, live out your purpose on the planet and to do it joyfully and in harmony with the great amazing awe-inspiring order that is inherant in the universe. (Oh yay. Now THAT is the GOOD STUFF!)


A Little More About Me

Here is the scoop…

I have spent my life exploring what it takes to be happy, how to live a life of meaning, and how to be someone who fulfills their dreams.

In the beginning, I studied for myself, for my own happiness and so that I could live my best life. 

Today, I continue to learn, to seek truth and to gain understanding so that I can guide you to your dreams in the fastest, most joyful and magical/miraculous way possible. 

My journey has taken me from psychology, to the world of business, and now to my career as a professional certified coach (since 2001).  And while I still call myself a coach today, I find that, more and more, there seems to be an intangible or spiritual element to what I do because I realize there is undeniably an intangible and spiritual element to all of life.

Where I used to be about setting the goal and making it happen, I now know all the goals in the world will not matter if they do not light up your heart and align with your soul purpose.

Today, I know that while there is a place for drivenness, focus, and ambition, all action must be aligned and taken in harmony with the  greater flow or our efforts will be life-sucking, empty and futile.

You may be reading this and find yourself smiling and nodding or you may just burst into tears because something is stirring within you. You are hearing a truth you have suspected for sometime and you are hungry to embrace the life that is waiting for you.

Are you ready to create the shift that will set you free, light you up, and get you walking on your true path?

Then let's talk.

No strings attached. Just you and me in a conversation for your life.

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The Official Coach Joelle Bio (In Case You Were Curious)


coachjoellemylCoach Joelle Prochera is an authority on personal responsibility, self-empowerment, and joyfully and purposefully designing and living a life that you love.

Over the past 13 years, Joelle has supported thousands of people in over 15 countries through one-on-one coaching, the Make Your Life Program, her interactive speaking events, and as a Certified Professional Coach.  Her mission is to free people and provide them with the tools and processes that put each person in charge of their own happiness, owning their power and fulfilling their unique destiny.

Prior to becoming a Professional Coach, Joelle spent a decade leading within an international Fortune 500 company, managing offices in Canada and the US.  She designed and delivered a one-of-a-kind service in her organization, becoming the only branch in North America to provide Professional Coaching to client businesses.

Joelle earned her professional coaching certification through the International Coach Federation.  She has completed the Newfield Network’s accredited Coaching for Personal and Professional Mastery and Leadership and Organizational Change programs, complimenting her degree in Psychology from the University of Manitoba.

As a student of life, Joelle continues her education in the area of ontological and somatic coaching.  She is constantly on the search for the greatest access and deepest truths about the nature of life, so that she can bring these insights to her coachees.  Joelle is also an Executive Strengths Coach and international facilitator with the Marcus Buckingham Company and has served as an Executive Coach with the Global Institute for Leadership Development through Linkage, and a faculty member with Entheos Academy for Optimum Living.

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