A Vision from Under the Tuscan Sun

Last Wednesday I had a moment of clarity. 


I just picked up my mother from the airport. My uncle Rob was in from New York and we were gathering to celebrate the Thanksgiving weekend.


My husband arrived home from work with a case of wine and mom and uncle Rob unloaded their baskets of goodies; maple glazed nuts, chocolate from Canada, and of course, more wine. 


Soon after the doorbell rings and a vision of loveliness awaits at the door.  That morning, I received the sudden inspiration to invite my new friend to meet my mom.  She said yes and came to join the festivities.


Five of us coming together with our own stories and experiences, our own passions and insight; we discussed life, politics, the latest movies, and drank wine for hours.


There was a moment where I had a flash of a scene from the movie “Under the Tuscan Sun”.  In the final moments the main character is sitting in totally bliss and appreciation.  A large table is set and around it is assembled a motley crew pulled together from various parts of her new community.  Finally she had found the family she was longing for.  It is a vision that has often crossed my mind as I settle into the idea of putting down roots in Cleveland.  This scene of love and community is a vision that delights and inspires me.


At 8:45 last Wednesday night, I had my very own version of that vision; community, joy and family.  That tiny glimpse was all I needed for a renewed commitment to having one heck of a kick-butt loving community right where I am, right …about….. NOW!


I am so blessed to have friends, family and a loving community all over the world and for those of you who happen to be local (or you want to jump on a plane), the door is open. Come on over because Joelle is ready to play!





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