A very scary invitation this Halloween!

Happy Halloween! When I woke up this morning I was very clear that I needed to extend to you the Make Your Life Halloween challenge!


As many of you know, we launched the Make Your Life Program October 2nd and the process has been amazing as the group applies the principles of powerful life-making to their lives.  The result…   passionate, powerful people, taking action and living the life they have imagined and we are only half way through!


On Monday’s call we asked the question “Who Are You…Really?” and the answer was a delightful surprise as participants found out that they are not their bad habits or their roles or their titles or what they have done in the past. They are not their fears or insecurities and they are not even their accomplishments!  No, who they are is unlimited possibility and with that comes the ability to create themselves as anything they choose.


Which brings us to the Make Your Life Halloween Challenge…


Halloween is the day of mystery, a day of play and make-believe.  Halloween is a time for dressing up and being something that you are not. It is the day that managers are nurses and bank tellers are vampires and legal assistants are cheerleaders. It is the day when you get to wake up and be anyone or anything you want.  So, this Halloween I invite you to go in the scariest disguise of all! This Halloween I invite you to go as yourself! …But not just any old version of yourself! Not the “you” that you are on a daily basis, oh no, I invite you to go as the you that you would be if you were confident, powerful, comfortable in your own skin, fearless and passionate!  I invite you for just this day to be the “you” that you imagine.


Tips for your passionate powerful YOU costume


1) Notice how would you stand and walk as your best YOU!

2) Notice how you would talk as your best YOU!  Would you say things like “I hope” and “I’ll try” or would you say “ I WILL”  “Watch me!”

3) What would fearless YOU take on today?

4) What phone call, bold offer or powerful action would passionate YOU dare to do?

5) Or maybe it is peaceful YOU you will be exploring and today you need to settle in with a latte and do some quiet paperwork with Mozart in the background before you leave early for a massage.


And so, If you dare… I invite you to take on the Make Your Life Halloween Challenge! In the words of Thoreau

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.”


Try it on for a day and see what happens!


With “very scary” love,




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