A Tremendous Cloudy Cold Day!

The wind is ripping whole branches off the trees and flinging them around the street. 


My calls done for the day I don my fuzzy socks, wrap myself in a scarf and head to starbucks for the afternoon to write. Hmmm. It feels like snow.  We’ll  see.


I settle in a comfy chair by the fire, the energy of students and business people, laptops and cell phones all around me.  I buy a regular coffee as opposed to decaf. I figure I will take a walk on the wild side and anticipate the “coffee JOY” to kick in. I have no commitments until this evening when I am going to check out a singing group to see if they are my new home for self expression. 


Loads of options, no obligations, just the way I like it. Life is good.


Sending you the coffee JOY this fine afternoon!


Coach J

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