A Refreshing Response to Our Current Economic Times


With all of the concern and talk about the economy these days, I wanted to share the most refreshing statement I have heard on the matter.


It came from a husband and wife team that I work with in creating their individual and collective lives.  I am often inspired by their willingness to dig right into the challenges and by their commitment to doing the exploring, confronting and acting needed to have a great life.


One thing that I have observed with them is that they really have the abundance mentality down. They have a lot of freedom around and a very healthy relationship to money. The very essence of this is illustrated in the following conversation.


In one of our sessions they brought up the economy, how they were happy to both be employed and how things are getting tough for a lot of people.  The conversation continued…


“Things are getting tough,” they said…


“And with the holidays coming up we discussed it and decided that we want to tighten our budget so we can….”


“find a way to give more.”


The economy is tough so we want to find a way to give more! How brilliant!  So they look at the economy and instead of starting to fear for their jobs or expecting the worst, they ask themselves what they would need to do to give more to the people around them.  I gotta believe that kind of thinking makes for some super mojo.


Maybe we can all learn a little from these two.  I have said it before and I will say it again, most of the people I meet, whether they feel wealthy or significantly under financed still have so much stuff they hardly know what to do with it all.  I fit into that category too and it is always a fun challenge to ask what can I get rid of (sell/ give away) to simplify my life and get my stuff out into the world where it might be more appreciated.  And then when it comes to buying new things I have taken to really asking “is this something that will significantly enhance my life?” or is it just one more piece of clutter, one more unused item of clothing for my closet?


Be mindful of your money.  Honor it in your choices and then when you choose to own things, honor your money further with the care of your possessions. And of course, when appropriate check in and see what you have that needs to be sent back out into the world.


Sending out makes room for receiving.  Sowing and reaping and all that good stuff.


May we each be so blessed as to be able to step back, breath and ask… “how can I give more?”.


Hugs on a Monday,


Coach Joelle


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