A Love Story – Creating a Magical Life

I have to tell you a story.


It is a story about a woman who was in the Make Your Life Program last year, who has since become a dear friend.  Though we have never met in person there is a love and a bond between us and I am so grateful to know her on this path.


When we met she was an energized young woman with big dreams.  She was seeking her place in the world and had gone home to live with her parents for a few months before embarking on her next adventure. While she rested she wrote the vision of her life in detail.  The life of travel and adventure, the perfect man, the life she imagined.


Armed with a freshly painted vision she continued with her life.  Not long after a friend sent her an email about a very special website and told her she should check it out.  She did and when she saw the profile, writings and inspiration of the site’s creator she loved what she saw and promptly declared that she was going to marry him! 


Soon after, she was called to California.  She had lived there before and knew it was time to return.  When she headed to California she moved with only what would fit in her car.  She had visions of a home near the beach.  Though the logistics of LA housing would have daunted some, it was only a matter of weeks before she had her perfect room in a perfect home right near the beach, and naturally, the previous resident happily left the entire space furnished at no extra cost. Home….check!


Next she set out to find places to contribute and people to serve, a way to make her living.  She was quickly connected and making things work.  She bravely took action, kept listening to her heart, and kept her focus on the dream. One of her business endeavors was a conference that required getting sponsors.  She thought that her future husband (the guy on the web she had never met) would be a perfect sponsor and imagine this, one of her business partners said that they knew the guy and had his number…. (please insert twilight zone music here). Her response to this?  She said “Perfect!  Call him.  They should sponsor us and by the way, I am going to marry him.”


One thing led to another, and after one faithful conversation between our heroine and one of Mr. dreamy’s business associates, the associate gave him a call and told our prince charming to ask her out.  NOW! And he did.


Soon after they were dating, they were an “item”, and it sounded blissful.  They truly had the same values and interests and she called me with stories of growing together and reading books by candle light.  It sounded perfect. But there was something missing.  My friend realized that there was something she needed from her new guy.  There were little nuances and actions that she needed, to feel fulfilled in the relationship.  She got up the courage and she shared her wants and needs, ready to stand her ground.  His response?  He understood why she would want those things and he was not ready to give them or at least, not to her, not now. Ouch. But good to know. 


They ended their relationship and went their separate ways. Awwwww But do not fear! Two weeks later, he returned. And he did it with Gusto!  He realized that he wanted her and was willing to prove it.


He began to give her the things she needed, they took on their relationship full force and have been inseparable! Since then, he sold his business and they have been on adventures around the country. The most recent of which was a 10 day silent meditation during which they could not speak to or make eye contact with each other for 10 days. (wowza!) When they could finally talk, he pledged her his life and asked her to marry him. I just spoke with my friend today. 


They are heading to India for 2 to 6 months to write and read and have adventures and she also informed me she just shaved her head and donated her lovely long hair to charity Locks of Love.


12 months ago she was living in the Midwest with her parents wondering what the future would bring and today she is engaged to the man of her dreams and traveling the world. When my friend was in the program last year each person declared what kind of life they were creating; “delightful” “fun-filled”  “adventurous”.  She chose to create her “magical” life.  I’d say she has been pretty successful.


For all of you out there waiting on dreams that are not yet fulfilled I share this story as a source of inspiration.


• Take time to create your visions of the life you imagine. 

• Do not limit yourself to what feels practical.  Dare to write what you really want.

• Have faith in your ability to live those dreams.

• Follow your heart.  See what new places it leads you.

• Stand up for yourself.  Know that you deserve nothing but your heart’s desire.

• Be patient with the journey.  Often when things seem quiet there are miracles unfolding behind the scenes.

• Be open to life happening in unexpected ways.  The path you pick may not be the only way to your destination.

• Have fun! Joy is very sexy!

• Take action.  Take action out of passion and joy. Take action that feels good and calls you forth.


Toil and struggle are not a prerequisite and are often counter productive to living your dreams. It is amazing what can happen in a year.


Mark this moment, create the vision and live into the new life that awaits.


I love you. 




  1. I just had to comment….I’m SO happy for Alexandra!! She is completely amazing, and by the looks of her finacee’s website, he is too. I loved your telling of their story – very moving. I hope everyone reading it sees the possibilities that are out there for all of us!

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