A Holiday Filled With Comfort and Joy


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As you know, last Wednesday I sat down with Robin Swoboda on Fox 8 to discuss how to have a Holiday Filled with Comfort and Joy.  I know several of you wanted to see the latest TV adventures of Coach Joelle so I included the link.  


See Coach Joelle on That’s Life With Robin Swoboda


When you see the clip you will notice things at the studio were a little wild, with everything from dogs to escaped snakes and pet food in jello-molds, but all in all, I think it went pretty well.  If you don’t have time to watch, I have included my top tips for having a holiday filled with comfort and joy below.  Enjoy!



1) Make your  “love it” and “lose it” lists  – Make two lists, one listing all that you love about the holidays and the other listing the things you can do without.  Don’t let the holiday pass without making time for the stuff you love and wherever possible “just say no!” to the things you would rather not do.  If you prefer a compromise, I offer there is always a creative solution to making just about anything into an enjoyable experience.  So, if you are committed to having a holiday filled with comfort and joy be sure to stop and notice when you are stressing, pushing, resisting or resenting during your holiday and see if you cannot find an easier, more fun, enjoyable way to do whatever it is.


2) Plan what you can whether it is a holiday meal, celebration or shopping, a little planning goes a long way.  Grab a cup of coffee, have a seat and give yourself the time to plan, and contemplate before you go rushing out to “do”.  A little thought goes a long way when it comes to having a blissful season.


3) Create new holiday traditions Some of my favorite holiday memories have nothing to do with presents – the girls club holiday lights trolley party – the cousins Christmas eve hockey game – the  New Years gingerbread house smashing…. If you are one of those people who wants to add more joy and meaning to the season, there is no time like the present to create your holiday with intention by starting a new tradition.  Get the neighbors together and go caroling.  Have a dradle-off.  Invite everyone over to decorate gingerbread or go see the neighborhood reenactment of the nativity. 


4) Give meaningful gifts that don’t break that bank  – it doesn’t take a bunch of money to spread the cheer.  Making a gift with love can often be so much more meaningful than the latest shiny thing at the store( In the show segment I mention how my dad made us a set of blocks that played a memorable role in the projects and creativity of my youth.)  Never mind the fact that most of us do not really NEED all that much.  If you want to use your holiday dollars to really help someone in need you can go to www.heifer.org and give some chickens or a sheep to a family in a 3rd world country (now that’s way better than a gift card!)


5) Share the load and spread the holiday spirit Community and sharing in the holiday responsibilities can make the usual holiday chores less of a burden and a lot more fun! Have a decorating or a gift wrapping party. Go shopping with a friend, or the next time someone asks you “can they bring anything”….say YES!


6) Stress and tension or comfort and joyyou get to choose –Whatever you go looking for is likely to show up.  If you enter the days ahead waiting to be stressed out, or annoyed, or tired, guess what?  One order of frustration coming right up!  Look for the comfort and joy, and you will find that too.

Enjoy your final days of preperation.  Light the lights and deck the halls.


Holiday Hugs,



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