A Day for Noodling

Years ago my mentor and I discussed what freedom looked like in our work schedule.


He suggested the idea of Friday’s off.  I was a resounding YES!!  So there is no TGIF for this coach.  Nope, By Friday I am already on the weekend and I cannot tell you how lovely it was to wake up and decide today would be a day for noodling.


For those of you unfamiliar, by noodling I mean just doing what I feel like – or as my friend Sandor would say, “being off off off!” Some Fridays I go horseback riding, others shopping, others I will go write at Starbucks, but today I am just going to noodle. 🙂


On the non-agenda agenda is working on my vision board, coffee with my mother in law, a bit of laundry, maybe even trying to figure out my camera.  Definitely a nap, possibly a bath….


Hmmmm I might get the mail and no doubt somewhere in there I will be inspired to create something, write something, cause something, but if not, that works to. I wish for you to have your noodling days. I can feel my mind and soul sighing ahhhh as we step into a day wide open with possibilities.


HUGS to you!



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