A breakthrough in sharing the Coach Joelle love!

Coach Joelle Hi guys.  I know I have been sorta laying low.  There are so many details which account for my online quietness but I will give you a general overview of what I’ve been up to.


A few weeks ago I got very clear on something.  I got clear that the vastness of my vision for this business will be realized in time. That its realization is inevitable and that I will not be realizing it all right now.  I also go clear that what there is to do for me right now is have a breakthrough in owning my capacity to create whatever I choose and specifically, at this point in time to earn whatever I would like to earn.


The earning conversation is an interesting one.  I know that this work changes lives. Period.   It makes dreams into reality. It brings peace and ease and magic to the flow of life. This I know. Where I have been challenged at times is in how to bring the message of what coaching is succinctly to the community.  How do I show people the difference this can make in their lives? How do I represent what Coach Joelle Inc. can bring?  How do I do it “right” and behind that, the concern that if I do not ”do it right” all will be lost. I have recently had the opportunity to spend a lot of time with some marketing guru’s including participating in a 15 month course with Jay Abraham and having a heart to heart conversation with my friend Shelly Freed.  Through these conversations and explorations I was able to get really clear on a couple of things and I was able to start seeing the world and the sales process in a whole new light. 


I can see now how I have fallen into the trap of taking the “selling game” personally. You see, I have an age old conversation about no one coming to my party. Yep.  Some where is me there is a frightened 13 year old that is afraid that I will throw a party, no one will show up and it will just prove, once and for all that I am a big loser. 🙂 (So so sad isn't it.)


What this has looked like in my work is that a “no” has equaled rejection on some level, and that a lack of response to a promotion or opportunity meant that there was no value in what I was doing.  Ah, sweet Joelle, how naive! How adorable.  How misguided and self defeating.  This point of view, while totally understandable, is inaccurate and unproductive.  In Jay Abraham’s work I have come to understand that everything is about testing testing testing.  Try it this way, change the tag line, change the demographic, try this try that and eventually you will know what works.  This is very different than what I was doing which was –  send out an announcement once ( because I would not want to bug people. Sigh.) and if the response was less than stellar, chalk it up as unsuccessful and table the program for the next 2 years.  Too funny! When I talked to Shelly she told me about how she had sent out 2500 direct mail pieces to get 130 people to an event.  This is really what it takes… it really is a numbers game! And suddenly… I got it!


What I got is that Marketing, like everything else I have mastered in life, is merely a set of skills, a set of conversations, and a set of distinctions to learn. If I keep learning and growing and assimilating I will at some point be able to effectively and accurately cause 2000 people to come to an event just as easily as I can coach a leader in how to get the best from their people, or support someone in finding love without compromise.  Like everything from walking to brain surgery this is merely something to learn and on the other side it will look easy and effortless. So if I “just keep swimming” as the little blue fish from Finding Nemo would say, all will be well. The other thing that I got was that in order for me to learn this skill, to test test test to be able to cause transformation at the level I am committed to, I totally had to get off the “no one is coming to my party” story. 


I can now see that it is my job to invite as many people to the party as possible.  I need to invite them all the time.  To not invite them is robbing them of opportunity. It is robbing them of their power and of their future. I must invite and know that some will take the invitation, and others will file the invitation for another day, and still others will leave the invitation on the bench, which is great because maybe someone else will pick it up who was looking for just such an invitation!! Within 3 days of this new clarity I have entered into 2 new strategic alliances, have initiated 3 new conversations for possible coaching with businesses and signed an agreement with a fortune 500 company which has the potential to finance all of the other fabulous things that I want to bring to the world. So I have been a little busy and the coolest thing is that I am having a blast with it! And as it always goes, while I am out consciously causing my future the miracles pick up. I have had 3 unsolicited invitations for paid speaking in the last week alone.  🙂


So all is well in the world of coach Joelle and I am very please to say that I am going to be making some VERY BIG invitations to some HUGE parties in the not to distant future because I throw a really great party 🙂 !


I love you!  Thank you for sharing this journey with me.




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