Dreams Coming True !

 Hi guys! I just got the latest from my soon to be celebrity friend Tonetta.  Here is a woman who has a dream and is making it happen! Not to mention she is making it happen effortlessly while having a lot of fun! She just sent me a link to her latest commercial and I […]

Oh Where Oh Where Can it Be?

  It’s Tuesday morning 6:00 AM.  Freshly showered I am in my robe and wrapped in a blanket on our second floor patio.  The wind rustles gently through the leaves and I can see the glow of the sun rising to the east.  Coffee in hand and my laptop sharing a spot with a purring […]

New Developments at Coach Joelle Inc.

  Hi guys!  It has been a really exciting time at Coach Joelle Inc. and I wanted to share a couple of the latest developments with you. One of the coolest things I want to share with you is about the first installment of what my friend Kristen is calling “The Coach Joelle Club” :-) but […]

A breakthrough in sharing the Coach Joelle love!

 Hi guys.  I know I have been sorta laying low.  There are so many details which account for my online quietness but I will give you a general overview of what I’ve been up to.   A few weeks ago I got very clear on something.  I got clear that the vastness of my vision […]

One Smart Donkey

I received this email from a dear soul in my life, Kathi Rose.  I think this is one darn insightful message.  Read it and keep it close because life’s piles of dirt can sometimes catch you off guard.    Enjoy,     Coach Joelle   The Donkey     One day a farmer’s donkey fell down into […]

Oh where oh where has she been?

Hello!  If I seem to be missing on the blogging scene it is because I have been out living adventures a little more than I have been home writing about them. Some of you were with me when I hit a rough patch last week.  I have been on a personal quest the last 6 […]