4 AM Wakeup and an Exciting Day in America!



I usually reserve 4 am wake-up calls for plane rides to romantic destinations but today was a welcome exception.  This morning my sweet husband is doing his part by being a poll monitor for the election and I had the privilege of providing transportation for the donut run and dropping him off at his precinct (he did not want to take up a parking space in what is sure to be a very busy parking lot.) 


I am really proud of him for doing his part (I dropped him off at 5:30 AM and will not see until sometime between 8:30 and 11:00PM)  and I acknowledge all of you who have contributed to the process through attending rallies, making phone calls, canvassing, ( and a whole bunch of other stuff that I do not even know about ) and of course, voting.


I look forward to seeing unprecedented lines and uncommon spirit, and anticipate a really late night as the American people choose their next president.

Have a beautiful day and be sure to place your vote (I truly cannot think of a more significant way to Make Your Life.)


With love and a deep appreciation,



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